Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The nation mourns the loss of another little soul this week. A two year-old killed in Kaitaia in the weekend. The baby was Maori and she was allegedly killed by her Mum also Maori.

And cue racists:

Manolo (650) Vote: 22 3 Says: August 11th, 2009 at 10:40 am
“The next issue is why are Maori killing their kids at such an incredible rate?”
That is indeed the key question. I look forward to extreme caution, concern and hand-wringing before a sensible answer is provided.
Be aware the PC brigade will be ready to shout “racist” to any opinion that contradicts its rose-tinted glasses view of the world.
big bruv (4198) Vote: 18 7 Says: August 11th, 2009 at 11:24 am
Perhaps we should learn from the Aussie’s, John Howard was brave enough to do something about child abuse in Aboriginal communities so why is John Key dragging the chain. I don’t give a shit who it offends culturally, I don’t give a shit how much damage it does to the “mana” (what a stupid fucking word that is) of the Maori party, clearly Sharples, and co are a waste of space and apologists for killers, Key needs to do something about it TODAY. Send in CYFS and remove every single child they deem to be a risk, I want EVERY SINGLE Maori beneficiary family to have to prove why they should be allowed to keep their kids, if you do not pass the test or CYFS think that the family environment might be dangerous for the kids then they are removed. Do not worry about a lack of resources, there would be thousands and thousands of good kiwi families who would help house, feed and care for these kids if only we had a PM brave enough to do something about it, hell, I would take some of them myself if that is what is needed. Beneficiary lowlife would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were able to provide a safe environment for these kids before they were returned.
Why are our fucking pathetic media not going after her family, where was the concern from her family for this poor little kiddie, when will Maori stop making excuses for their killers?
It seems that if you are Maori the your family will excuse you of anything. Will we hear from the apartheid party?…..I doubt it
Will we hear from the Greens who seemingly exist to make excuses for Maori….I doubt it. Will this happen again next month, and the month after that……you fucking bet it will.

Read the right wing blogs or don’t…but you get the general gist of the attacks. All Maori are baby bashers and killers.

We as in, us Maori know full well we lead the statistics in, Neonaticide (child killed in the first month of life), Infanticide (child killed in the first year of life), Filicide (child killed by a member of their own family), Fatal child abuse, ‘battered baby’ or non-accidental injury, Family breakdown (child killed by a parent estranged from the other parent), Fatal sexual assault (child killed after being sexually assaulted). We don’t shirk or shrink from any of the facts as they are. We know that Maori boys are six times and Maori girls three times more likely than non-Maori to be seriously assaulted.

What the bagging-bloggers don’t know or want to know is that Maori community groups are working hard to address the issue. A couple of outstanding initiatives are Wraparound from Waipareira Trust and Amokura Family Violence Prevention Strategy.

Amokura is an integrated community-based, initiative to address family violence in Tai Tokerau (Northland). The initiative is led by the Tai Tokerau Iwi Chief Executives Consortium which is made up of the Chief Executives of seven iwi (tribal) authorities. The initiative consists of four project areas that provide a whole of population approach to addressing family violence prevention and early intervention: research, education and promotion, professional development and training, and advocacy.

Waipareira Trust has the Wraparound Service which focuses on building stronger relationships in an effort to improve relationships with rangatahi, whanau and other agencies. These relationships produce good outcomes with tangible reduction rates in youth offending in South Auckland. Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust along with Manukau Urban Maori Authority is one of the founding members of the Mangere Youth Providers Forum who meet monthly to discuss issues in Mangere. The meetings are a focal point for government and community agencies that attend to present and discuss common themes. The forum is an opportunity to improve relationships and strengthen networks. Tamaki ki Raro Trust, Genesis, Housing New Zealand, Mangere East Family Service Centre, Work and Income, Counties Manukau Sports Foundation, Department of Corrections, Police Youth Aid and Counties Manukau District Health Board are a number of government and community agencies that attend the Forum.

At last year's elections, the Maori Party campaigned on its Whanau Ora policy and last month established a Taskforce that will construct an evidence-based framework that will lead to: strengthening whanau capabilities, integrating approaches to whanau wellbeing, collaborating relationships between state agencies in relation to whanau services, establishing relationships between government and community agencies that are broader than contractual and improving cost-effectiveness and value for money.

What this all means is that Maori are exhausting all avenues from policy and bureaucracy level to front line practical to address this very real concern.

We know that with every baby dying has long lasting ramifications for us as a people, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

We aren't sitting on our hands doing nothing. So for all you bagging-bloggers yes you're either ignorant or racist or both.

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