Friday, August 14, 2009


Good ole Sir Doug Graham he’s a character. The former Treaty Settlements Minister reckons he’s worked hard he deserves his perks – and when he’s too hobbly and wobbly to travel he’ll take the cash - you gotta love him.

Ian Shearer former National MP from 1975 to 1984 referred to the bad old days when there were no electorate offices and the wives had to take all the calls and play secretary as one of the reasons for protecting perks… by rights then it’s the wives that should get the travel allowances. But what happens to the poor ole missus if there’s a divorce! Oh! No more perk - just RSI from note taking all them years back. Even if they’re not divorced it doesn’t mean the hubby will take the spouse along on an overseas trip. It apepars as though the poor ole missus misses out al'round.

But Rodney Hide’s right - which is very rare for the little man. Perks of Parliament are part of a by-gone era and not relevant now it was bestowed by Cabinet not an Independent Body and the real value or impact on tax payers was not fully realised and should now be scrapped.

So scrapping subsidies, purging perks, will also eliminate the likes of Taito Field from receiving his perks.

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