Friday, July 31, 2009


The police shot Rob Mokaraka. In the chest….kaaaapaow! But he didn’t die – thank the lord!

Rob Mokaraka, 36, was shot in the chest outside his home in Pt Chevalier on Monday after allegedly lunging at police with knives and a meat cleaver.

The Actor got a bedside hearing at Auckland Hospital Wednesday night where Police charged him with possession of an offensive weapon and assault with a weapon. He’s been remanded on bail to appear on August 19.

What’s with the Police?

Why did this officer have a firearm in his vehicle and not a taser?

Is it easier for the police to sign-out guns than it is tasers? Why aren’t tasers standard issue in police cars? Why did the police feel the need to shoot him?

According to a witness police tried to negotiate with Mokaraka for more than 15 minutes before he was finally shot in the chest. "All of us who saw it think he must have been trying for suicide by cop." Commented the witness.

The police then went on an impressive public relations and media drive, which basically transferred blame for the situation squarely on Mokaraka. Every radio news service ran the police account of events as its lead (except Maori Media on Waatea Radio who have a unique, anomalous definition of what’s news). Even television midday and six o’clock news ran Detective Superintendent Rod Drew detailing Mokaraka’s ‘odd’ behaviour.

What the police did and what the media allowed them to do; was divert public attention away from the actual shooting.

We are now left with the impression that this sad, bad, mad man Mokaraka got what he deserved.

But did he?

Yes we understand and sympathise with police when they tell us they feared for their safety. But fearful enough to shoot him in the chest? Well apparently yes?

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has been notified of the incident and a police investigation is under way. They will find in favour of the police. This Authority formerly known as the Police Complaints Authority has never found police at fault and they won’t in this case either.

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